Issues: Education

Mr. Conyers believes that education should be a priority for the administration and this Congress. Education is a non-partisan issue, and we must use non-partisan methods to find a solution to the problems facing our schools. It is true that schools must be accountable to parents and students, and that we should make sure that every child can read by the third grade. However, Mr. Conyers does not agree with a "flexibility" option that lessens the impact or availability of Title-1, E-Rate, and other federal programs important to urban schools. 

Further, Mr. Conyers does not support a federal voucher system. We should not squander our current economic promise by abandoning the public schools. Mr. Conyers does agree with proposals that call for a national standard to measure student's learning and achievement; however, Mr. Conyers does not support annual testing. It has been shown that annual standardized testing inhibits the ability of teachers to focus on the core curriculum as they spend more time preparing students for standardized tests. Instead, we should continue the current national assessment in grades 4 and 8. 

Finally, in order to improve our schools, Congress must focus it efforts on increasing funding for school construction, hiring quality teachers, loan forgiveness for teachers, reducing class size, and connecting every classroom to the Internet. Mr. Conyers hopes that we will take advantage of the opportunity before us to build world-class schools for all of our children.

Congressman's Statement and Related Bills