Issues: Appropriations

Congressman Conyers is dedicated to improving the lives of the people of the 14th Congressional District. During the 111th Congress, he worked tirelessly to secure funding for deserving groups and organizations. In yet another example of his dedication to the city of Detroit, he secured $2.75 million in funding for various infrastructure improvements, including $750,000 for the restoration of the Detroit Institute of Arts, and an additional $500,000 for airport improvements. Reforming the justice system remains at the forefront of his mind, as evident in his ability to secure more than $3 million in funding for justice-related projects. This includes $1 million for a police department Firearm Reduction Initiative, $400,000 for the Wayne County Juvenile Mentoring Program, and $550,000 for the City of Detroit Parolees, Technical Parole Violators, and Former Prisoners Project, which aims at providing former prisoners with job training and employment opportunities.

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